Saturday, November 30, 2013

How it all started.

A long, long time ago I got into MMORPGs.  My game of choice was City of Heroes.  I loved that game.  It had many wonderful things going for it.  The character costume design was outstanding.  I created countless heroes and villains that didn't go anywhere beyond the costume design.

I also enjoyed the ability to side kick or exemplar so that you could team up with other heroes regardless of your level.  I wish Blizzard would embrace this idea.  You could team up and play the end game content.  They have decided that they are going to hand out high level toons instead.

My friends talked me into getting into WoW.  At the time I was getting a little burnt out of CoH, and so I agreed to give it a try.  It was vanilla and Burning Crusade was about to be released.  I created a tauren hunter named Matador.  The graphics in Warcraft weren't as nice as CoH and the character creation was unimaginative and boring.

I stuck with it and chatted with my friends as I walked all over the Barrens which seemed like forever.  Barrens was a huge zone and you didn't get a mount until level 40.  Barrens chat was pretty wild at times.  Anyone who played horde during those months knows exactly what I am talking about.  Matador was my toon through Burning Crusade.  I had others, but he was my main.

Wrath of the Lich King was coming out.  I decided to make a change.  I created a gnome mage named Turwinkle.  He was my main throughout the expansion.  Wrath is my favorite expansion by far.

Then came Cataclysm with the addition of the Worgen and Goblin.  Another expansion and another restart for me.  I knew I wanted to play a Goblin.  I went back to the Horde and started Scur the goblin mage.  I almost made Scur a shaman because the goblin totems looked so cool.  It seems like a silly reason to make a shaman but there you have it.

Pandaria came out and my computer could not run it properly.  It was having a tough time in Wrath and Cataclysm especially laging in cities.  Wrath Dalaran was almost unplayable and I avoided the city as much as possible.  I finally got a new computer and have re-joined and restarted again.

This time around I have created a team of toons.  Instead of one main toon, I have created a team of them with all professions, races and most classes represented.  I have joined the pet battling craze, and I am happy with my decision to go this route.


  1. Ah, City of Heroes. I loved that game.

    And the bases, don't forget that! Base PvP. I wonder if WoW will do that with Garrisons?

  2. Nice blog :P I'm going to follow it :)