Sunday, December 15, 2013

I played four Warsong Gulch battlegrounds this weekend. I went 2 - 2.  I like this battleground, although I am not much of a flag carrier.  I tend to avoid it if I can.  I would rather protect or kill flag carriers.  What I like about battlegrounds over the 5-man PUG is that no one player, usually the tank or the healer can screw over the group as a whole and just leave.  That does not mean that battlegrounds are without drama.

You have people that like to go AFK, or cook up something tasty, or maybe work on a neglected profession.  What bugs me?  It is when players bitch and moan about everything, or everyone sucks, WoW sucks, or whatever.

I had a real winner in the one the losses this weekend.  They were the "leader" of our band of merry toons.  When he didn't get the proper responses or sympathy from the group as a whole, he switched his rant to raid warnings, so that it flashed up on the screen.  Ugh.. really?!?

A healer druid and four hunters had banded together and were mostly unstoppable.  Our leader strongly felt that we needed to kill the healer.  Easier said than done.  Did we lose?  Yep.  We couldn't get much of an offense together and put a stop to the beat down we were receiving.  Was it still fun for me, despite the beating?  Yep, but it could have been better without the rantings of a madman.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

It has been a fun week full of events.  The World of Warcraft Ninth Anniversary which gave a nice 9% bonus to both experience and reputation.  It ran into the first couple of days of the Darkmoon Faire for added fun.  I have been having awful luck trying to get a Crow battle pet of quality at the Faire, and the only time that I did find one, I killed it.  Sigh...  I am also getting closer to being able to buy the Darkmoon pets with the tickets.  I should be able to get them by the first of the year.

The last event of note was the Pilgrim's Bounty, or How to Easily Level Cooking to 350+.  I was unable to get the Plump Turkey pet, but I did level lots of cooking.  I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by.

I am very excited to hear that in the next patch, we should be able to mail heirloom gear across realms.  I have some gear lying around somewhere gathering dust.  I would be awesome to be able to put them to good use.  They would truly be bound on account items and not bound on realm items.